Louis Lucano is officially Peta approved

Louis Lucano is officially Peta approved

We are now officially Peta approved!

What this means: Our materials and products meet the requirements to carry the name "vegan" and "cruelty free".  Many of today's brands sell products that are vegan, but the origin of the materials and the place of production remains unknown to the customer.

As the founder of Louis Lucano, I always pay careful attention to the origin of our materials and the production process.

Our products are made by manufacturers with the highest standards of craftsmanship. Decades of experience in handbag production and special industry knowledge are incorporated here.

Unfortunately, many brands today sell handbags at prices that cannot guarantee a sustainable approach of quality in manufacturing. Many handbags today have become interchangeable disposable goods.

So where is the quality and the fair conditions? Do we want to buy a bag that is labeled “vegan”, but we don't know if it's just made of plastic and where it was produced to appease our conscience and be “sustainable”?

That is why this certification is important to us, because our manufacturers as well as suppliers were approved, because it is important to us to bring you products that you can wear with conviction and pride.

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