About AppleSkin™ by FRUMAT

Appleskin is created from industrial organic waste. The vegan leather substitute is made from the leftovers after the juice press that would otherwise go into hazardous waste. After several years, Hannes Parth and his company FRUMAT have found their way to AppleSkin™ in 2009, which is one of today's best leather alternatives.

Frumat itself does not act as a manufacturer or seller of AppleSkin™, rather Frumat licenses other companies with the production whereby great importance is attached to sustainable and fair production processes. Further information about AppleSkin™ can be found via Mabel SRL a current manufacturer of AppleSkin™ based in Florence, Italy.


How AppleSkin™ is made

AppleSkin™ is made of cellulose fibres from industrial left overs from apples. The material is therefore made from a waste product, that would have been thrown away otherwise.The apples are harvested and pressed in South Tyrol, after which there are taken to Bolzano and beeing pulverized, for further processing. Around 50% of AppleSkin™ are apple left overs, the other half is mostly polyurethane to create the final product.

Material characteristics of AppleSkin™

AppleSkin™ is one of the most versatile vegan leather alternatives out there. With the current manufacturing standards, almost every type of thickness as well as colouring and pigmentation is possible to achieve. No matter if rough, smooth, light, heavy, stable or elegant surfaces. AppleSkin™ has a broad range or product variations that can serve many purposes.

Why we use AppleSkin™

Our first collection consists mainly of AppleSkin™, because we are very convinced of the material. Not only the quality and durability are special, but also the processing possibilities, as well as the product variants. AppleSkin™ is available in different variations and surfaces, which makes the overall selection very attractive for our handbag collection. Have a look at our Bucket Bag BAO, and our Handle Bag Lou.