Louis Lucano products are made from cruelty free materials, with the correct product care, they can last a lifetime.

If you are unsure what material your product is made from, just contact us or see the product tab, where you'll find the material information.

General Product Care

  • Make sure to cleal spills and stains as fast as possible, to prevent damages.
  • Avoid exposing your Louis Lucano product to excessive moisture or heat.
  • Keep you products in a dustbag which you'll receive with your order.
  • Avoid contact of your Louis Lucano product with grease, perfume, cosmetics, heat and strong light sources.
  • Do not load your product with excessive weight or contents that can damage the mold.

AppleSkin™ Product Care

  • Never clean your AppleSkin™ product with chemicals as they can damage the material.
  • Clean your product with a slightly damp (not wet) towel. Make sure to dry your product after cleaning.

Piñatex® Product Care

  • Piñatex® is a very durable product. It can sustain tear, rupture and abrasion. We recommend moisturising it regularly with a natural wax, to keep the characteristics working.

Desserto® Product Care

  • Desserto® is a organic product and needs some care to keep the material in good condition.
  • Use a slightly damp (not wet) towel, to clean your product.
  • Make sure to clean any stains or soilings rather quickly.
  • Avoid alcohol, acetone and chemicals at all cost.